Equations in Microsoft Journal by using WordPad and Windows Clipboard

In Ink, Windows Journal and related articles on December 24, 2009 at 6:14 am

Let’s say you need to import equations in Microsoft Journal. How would you do it? There are more than one ways but how would you do it so you can have the equations “live” (editable) and also imported as pictures in Journal. And on top of this not to use Word or any other software that you have to pay for. Answer. All you need is WordPad and a little magic from Clipboard (not included in Windows 7?).
By following the next steps you will learn how to use WordPad as a equation editor/storage software.

  1. Start WordPad.
  2. In the ribbon – Insert section, click on the little arrow in the bottom right corner of the . You will see: Insert object – Show the Insert object dialog box.
  3. Then choose Microsoft Equation 3.0. The Equation Editor will open.
  4. image_4

  5. Type the equation and go File –  Exit and return to document.
  6. The equation is placed in WordPad and it’s fully editable.
  7. Select the placed object in WordPad and Copy the Equation.
  8. Type clipbrd in the run console ( image_5button +R.). Download the clipbrd.exe program if it’s not installed on your system.
  9. Go View – either Enhanced Metafile or Picture. Now you see a on screen bitmap preview of the equation. image_6
  10. Use the Snipping Tool to capture a portion of the screen with the equation. Then either save the equation as a picture file or just paste it in Journal.

That’s it. Try this method or write if you know another maybe better.

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